Lucki Camel, professionally known as Lucki (previously known as Lucki Eck$) is a 23 year old Chicago rapper and producer who rose to his fame in 2013 with his debut project, Alternative Trap. Some of his main influencers he has stated include Chief Keef, Lil Wayne, and Prince as he was heavily inspired to pursue music as his career after numerous praises from his high school friends. Lucki today is still remained underground however, after numerous achievements with his critically acclaimed projects and successful songs he has created, he has been given the title for "King of Underground" by the underground audience. His music style can be described as lazy but addicting, as he is very shameless about his pain and often raps about his battle against anxiety and depression which is most likely the reason to why he attracts such a large loyal fan base. He covers topics from drug addiction and blessings and flaws of love relationships which to his fans can be very relatable to the point he has saved many lives within his music according to his fans. If his music is emotionally powerful then why hasn't he blow up to the mainstream yet? Well this can be mainly due to his sound that produces which is far from appealing to the mainstream ears. However, the late rapper reveals that he is not bothered to attract their audience, he is still today striving to continue release his inspiring music works consistently for his loyal fans as he does not care to change his style completely in order to move on to the mainstream.


Stevie Wonder (Feat. Chance The Rapper)


Speed Demon


No Albums


Days B4 III

Days B4 II (EP) (2018)

Watch My Back (2017)

Freewave (EP) (2015)

Alternative Trap (2013)

Extra Lucky 2 (EP) (2019)

NYC (EP) (2017)

Freewave II (2016)

X (2015)

Freewave 3 (2019)

Days Be4 Storm (EP) (2017)

Son Of Sam (EP) (2016)

Body High (2014)