Towa Quimbayo

Towa Quimbayo is a student at BCIT that just recently graduated from high school and he is currently enrolled in a program called, New Media Design and Web Development. His biggest inspiration is his father who has sacrificed a lot of his time to be able to secure his sons future as his dedicated work ethic and passion for computers has been passed on to his son. He designed this website under 3 reasons:

  1. Strong passion for the music industry, specifically the underground scene as their music has such organic and raw quality creating an atmospheric vibe with various amount of unique qualities from the artists that they display in their works.
  2. Eager to solve the issue for the underground audience in terms of the difficulty in finding and listening to their favourite artists as their music can be released inconsistently in various media platforms, so Towa wanted to design a site for these specific individuals to make their lives easier by downloading and listening to their favourite artist's music all at once in one platform.
  3. Wanted to spread awareness and help shine bit of light to the underground scene for the talented artists who don't get enough credit they deserve.
Towa Quimbayo Graduation Photo in 2019

Muhammad Noufil Saqib

Muhammad Noufil Saqib is a content creator and a student enrolled in British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) for a business diploma called New Media Design and Web Development. He is an ambitious and passionate first year BCIT student that lives by his life motto, Good Enough Is Not Good Enough, which is to not only exceed the limit but, to put extra effort to push the limit further.